About Me

The day I developed my simple motor skills and learned to use my hands was when I started calling myself a creative. From DIY jewelry kits to acrylic paint to my Wacom tablet, I’d say I’ve come pretty far in a short amount of time.

My name is Genesis Cosme and I’m a full-time college student at the University of Miami with a passion for art, food, health, travel, small business, a range of nonprofit causes, and family. Living in Miami, Florida has certainly provided me with the opportunity to chase these passions professionally, making my line of work that much less of a “job” and more of a wholesome experience.

I began creating content like websites, logos, flyers and more at 15-years-old. Since then, I’ve worked with multiple local businesses including popular restaurants, DJs and entertainers, and nonprofit organizations. I’ve planned and operated events, worked alongside media outlets, and designed products to help effectively connect partners to their target audiences.

Most importantly, I hold my community and its people close to heart. My finished works would never deter the success of an organization because I understand how connectedness leads to progress. I provide my creativity to supplement the values of every client I work with, so I don’t retire from projects until the assignment is exactly what is desired.

I can be found on Twitter @genesiscosme98, Instagram @genesis.cosme and LinkedIn @genesiscosme.